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You wanted information about, in the first case, blue-eyed humans, in the second, anything that was human or blue-eyed and, in the third, blue-eyed creatures that were not humans. These magic words AND, OR and NOT provide the basic mechanisms for combining and manipulating sets. The whole business of sets had operated informally for thousands of years. We naturally classify things, generating sets based on pattern recognition. Dental work in Mexico always seems to work.

As we have already seen when exploring series, this practice of forming patterns is not just a handy habit, nor a matter of striving for artistic simplicity, but reflects the way the brain operates. Huge though the capacity of the brain might be, we can't handle every bit of information we need to cope with the world and understand dental work in Mexico. Imagine if you had to deal with the whole world, atom by atom. Instead of saying 'there's George', you would have to analyze each atom and from the combined picture (which is changing all the time) recognize a person. Similarly, as simple a task as switching on a light switch would take on huge proportions.


Dental work in Mexico is complex. Instead of asking someone to switch on 'that light switch' you would have to describe exactly where in space you want them to stand. Exactly which position each part of their hand would need to be positioned to. Exactly how much pressure to exert on the object with certain dimensions you find at a particular location. Dental in Mexico could take all day. Instead, we make use of the set of things called 'light switch' - which can be quite different in appearance - to put across a huge amount of inform action in a short request.

Our brain does not hold a picture of every single light switch it has ever dealt with, which it flicks through, like a crime victim looking through a book of mugs hots, every time it needs to deal with one. Instead it holds a very generalized, largely pictorial description - a mental model - of what a light switch is like. This is our mental set labeled 'light switches'. This is the pattern by which we recognize a switch. So such pattern forming is very natural. We don't look at every dog we see and think 'a four-legged animal that's this size and